Customised trips and private guiding in the French and Spanish Pyrenees


While we propose a great number of organised treks it is also possible to hire a guide for your private group, and design your own trek in conjunction with us and the guide. Discuss what you hope to do, and what actually is possible, and we will help you organise your ideal Pyrenean walking experience.


• International mountain leader: 220€/day

• High mountain guide : 350€/day
(anything to do with ropes, crampons, ice and snow, rock climbing etc)

Please do contact us and we can put you in contact with a qualified high mountain guide.




Paraglide off the side of the Pic du Midi to surprise your friends for a 50th wedding anniversary; bungee jump with all the family; go on that special camping trek you’ve always wanted to do with a group of friends; take all the grandchildren on a donkey-led trek; learn French while you snowshoe or walk; have the luxury of a bubbling spa bath in different thermal resorts at the end of each snowshoeing day; climb great 3000m summits but with a gourmet meal and luxury hotel at the end of each day ... your imagination is the limit !


Combined with our partners at Pyrenean Mountain Tours, we have over 15 years experience in the mountain walking domain, both in Summer and Winter. These years of experience have helped us to build up a small company (which we aim to keep small!) with a mine of knowledge about this special area of the Pyrenees. We put together treks and trips that are a combination of our personal favourites along with requests from previous customers.


We realise, however, that such trips cannot suit everyone and so we are very open to your customised trips - please do get in touch to discuss.

We keep our calender free for certain weeks of the year, both in winter and summer for you to give us suggestions.

If you are a group of four or more, tell us what takes your fancy and we will do all we possibly can to accommodate!